About Our Energy Booster

Zero-Calorie Energy with Zero Side Effects

The patch enables you to get your caffeine without having to ingest empty calories and artificial ingredients your body doesn’t need. Say goodbye to jitters, acid stomach, bathroom breaks, caffeine spikes and crashes, and all those other pesky side effects.

It’s completely natural.

Caffeine, Guarana, and Cacao are nature’s stimulants that work together to provide a consistent hum of energy. Instead of a caffeine rush you’ll have 8-hours of acute alertness, refined focus, and diminished fatigue.

Each patch contains about 35 mg of caffeine.

A Better Way to Get Your Energy Clean Energy Patch takes advantage of the skin’s absorptive properties to provide an even flow of natural caffeine for up to 8 hours. The patch is made of kinesiology tape (KT tape) so it moves with you…you won’t even notice you have it on.

Clean Energy Patch provides a consistent boost

The challenge with Energy Drinks is that you have to drink them. Your stomach just isn’t designed to process caffeine when you’re engaged in sport. When your body is under stress, cramps, jitters, and nausea can make you miserable - not to mention the spikes and crashes that are common side effects.